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10 Hours use under our shade is virtually the same as 1 hour of direct sun exposure!

Our structures may help reduce skin cancer.

  • We specialize in providing shade for swimming pools and spas.
  • We use strong, durable fiberglass posts that are virtually unbreakable*; with a 5-year warranty.
  • We use knitted material made from strong, durable fabric. The material provides up to 90% UV ray protection.
  • Our Material has been field tested to withstand up to 35 mph winds.
  • Netting is porous-allowing hot air to escape leaving the cool air above the pool.
  • 100% composite fiberglass posts. Guaranteed unbreakable.
  • Does not conduct electricity–meets electrical codes for your pool.
  • Our professional installation minimizes impact to the existing deck; we make 3 or 4 small holes with fitted sleeves.
  • Our fiberglass posts resist heat in the sun unlike metal posts.
  • Impervious to water, sun, weather, and pool chemicals.
  • Poles color is “built in” with colored resins rather than painted; won’t scratch or flake.
  • Primary benefit of our composite posts is their flexural strength.  (Similar to a stiff fishing rod can flex continually and rigorously yet maintain its strength.)

* up to 35 mph winds.

Email: info@swpoolshades.com

• Available in 3.5’, 4’, and 5’ post sizes and 90 % blue or 90% tan shade cloth
• Offers superior fit-and-finish and better durability than competitive products
• Greater heat reduction and energy savings
• Unsurpassed quality and detail